I had a nice birthday yesterday. Sixty-five years old.

Carol gave me a nice lens for my camera. Actually, she gave it to me early and my photos lately are all taken with that lens. I love it. It opens up possibilities I’ve not had before. She also gave me some other photo equipment so I have some stuff to play with.

She took me toe PF Chang’s for lunch yesterday. It’s one of our favorite spots for special days for just the two of us. We no longer eat at Chinese buffets, so we get our Chinese food about three times a years.

I brought the Great Wall of Chocolate home and that was my supper.

Many of you reading this sent greetings on Facebook and I sure appreciate that. I hope I will get to have another birthday next year, but that is not guaranteed. Really, I guess, none of us has any guarantees.

Enjoy the time you have. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your food. Enjoy your cake.

Trust Jesus.