Life is a vapor. You know it’s true, but do you really know it’s true?

Perhaps, like me, you live on the knife’s edge of not knowing when your terminal disease will enter its final phase. (“It could be six months or it could be six years.”) You know life is a vapor.

Perhaps your kid grew up and left home before you knew it was happening. You know life is a vapor.

Perhaps you reflect on missed opportunities and regretful decisions in your past. You know life is a vapor.

Qoheleth, the Sage, doesn’t give us much hope. You live, you die, you’re dead. That didn’t last long, did it? And it didn’t mean much, did it?

You won’t be remembered. Your accomplishments will be forgotten. Your legacy will be nil. Someone else will own your stuff.

Not for nothing do they call him the Sage.

There is hope in Jesus, of course. Jesus is going about restoring the world to its correct state and we who are in Jesus will be raised into that glorious world and live in his presence. But it’s more authentic to put that in your back pocket while reading the Sage and pull it out later.

Nothing but a vapor.