Concerning my calling and desire to be a Bible teacher, I have two goals, two passions.

  1. I want to teach people how to read the Bible properly. My experience with church people is that most of them hardly read the Bible at all, much less read it seriously and deeply. Most Bible reading stops at the devotional level. I firmly believe that a deeper reading will bring with it deeper devotion. If I weren’t sick, I would already have started a podcast with this aim. I’m hoping for enough remission in my disease to begin it soon. If that sounds good to you, maybe you could pray for me that I could get this going.
  2. I want to blow up shallow and incorrect interpretations of scriptural texts. For many people, their knowledge of the Bible is limited to outlines of the major stories and a set of prooftext that guide their lives (in theory). This shallow approach to the Bible leads to disaffection and disappointment because of an incomplete picture of who God is. I want to dispel the incorrect and dispense the truth. This is where my blog should come in. If I had enough energy, I would have a weekly post that takes on a passage for deeper interpretation.

This is my heart. I have a deep desire to accomplish it. The flesh is weak. God help me.