To the church at Tyre —

You were once humble but you have grown proud. Not satisfied with being a little duck in a big pond, you have moved to a dinky pond so you can be the king duck. You are obsessed with cool. You are committed to attractiveness. You have lost your mission. You would rather be acceptable and politcally correct.

Your pastors have not been allowed to be prophetic because they are on the payroll. Your members refuse to be called account. Because you will not be judged now, you will be judged when kingdom comes.

You have grown fat. Your landholdings are great. You have plenty. You have not sold all that you have to give to the poor. Your help for the poor has been but a secondary token effort. You have not gone away sorrowfully because of your failure; indeed, you revel in it.

A great fall is coming. You have been warned, but you do not have ears to hear or eyes to see because you have paid them to not hear and not see. It is too late for you. There is no relief from the coming fall.

Your enemies will exult over your fall and you will still fail to see your own foolishness.

May God have mercy.