I am interested in what the Bible has to say. I am far less interested in philosophical, and even theological, constructs. It’s fair to say that if you present me with a theological or philosphical idea, you’d better back it up with some scripture, and I don’t mean a prooftext or two.

For example …

  • don’t tell me that God can’t change his mind, because God does it all the time in the Bible.
  •  don’t tell me that people can’t change the mind of God, because they do it all the time in the Bible.
  • don’t tell me God always knows the future, because God tests people to see what they will do.
  • on the other hand, don’t tell me God never knows the future, because sometimes God is said to know the future in the Bible.
  • don’t tell me there is only law in the OT and only grace in the NT, because there is plenty of each in both.
  • don’t tell me the God of the OT contrasts with the Jesus of the NT, because they are the same.
  • don’t tell me that all I have to do is say a simple prayer and I’m eternally secure, because the Bible talks about a lot of things I need to do if I am to be a faithful follower of Jesus.
  • don’t tell me I’m going to heaven when I die, because you can’t find that in the Bible. We will await resurrection and then live on the new earth.

I could go on, but you get the picture. Read your Bible.