Jesus is Lord.

“Jesus is Lord” is one of the oldest confessions in the church. Christians have been saying, “Jesus is Lord” for 2000 years. We shouldn’t stop saying it now.

What does it mean?

  • It means that Jesus is Lord and Caesar is not. For us, it means that Jesus trumps any earthly loyalties we have, whether it be family, political party, tribe, or nation. And not just in our sentiment, but in reality.
  • It means that Jesus takes priority in everything. He comes first. Even when the chips are down.
  • Most of all it means that Jesus is our King. We owe him our allegiance, loyalty, trust, and obedience. We give our fealty. It doesn’t mean we said some words about repentance. It means we are servants of his. He is truly our King.

We’ve lost this idea of Jesus the King in the church today. Let’s dig it back out, dust it off, and start living it.

Jesus is Lord. Jesus is my Lord. He is my King. I am his and he is mine. I will serve him to the very end. I pledge allegiance to him and to him alone. I pledge loyalty to him and to him alone. I will obey him, even when obedience conflicts with my culture and my desires. I trust him no matter what. Jesus is my Lord.