I spent a week in the Cancer Center for a series of treatments last week into this week. They treated me very well at the hospital. All the nurses and doctors and techs were as pleasant as can be. Except for being wakened so often at night, there was really nothing to complain about. I mean, when you’re in the hospital, that’s the way it is.

When it was time to leave the hospital, I didn’t want to head to a tropical island or a luxury hotel. I wanted to go home.

There is nothing else like coming home. Your own bed, your own chair, your own food.

Of course, this made me think a lot about home and the joys of home.

Many Christians are looking for some kind of escape from earth when they die. I think that is wrong-headed.

God made the world good. He has been on a multi-millennia plan to restore it to what it was and what it should be. I’m not looking to go to heaven, although a little vacation is nice once in awhile. I’m looking to be raised from the dead just like Jesus was. I’m looking to wake up in a completely renewed creation with Jesus on the scene.

That sounds pretty good to me. Home.