I would rather just keep quiet, but I cannot.

  • There is very little in scripture about what happens after we die. Please don’t let your ideas, even ideas you’ve heard all your life, get reified. Don’t get too comfortable with any one system of thought. Read your Bible and keep an open mind.
  • It seems to me that there is much more in scripture about God setting things right on earth than there is about a disembodied existence in heaven.
  • There is much more emphasis on bodily resurrection at the coming of the Lord than on what happens when we die.
  • I sometimes wonder if Paul would have supported some form of soul sleep between death and resurrection.
  • Perhaps, when the thief on the cross wakes “today” in paradise with Jesus, it will be when he is resurrected on the new earth.
  • When our whole emphasis is on getting people to escape hell and achieve heaven, we are missing about nine-tenths of the gospel.
  • Just read your Bible.