Nowadays … virtually everyone wants to be a prophet, as some claim to “speak truth to power” while thundering from their echo chambers, or glibly offering alternative facts without blinking an eye. Yet, words of deep wisdom simultaneously ring out from others with boldness, clarity, conviction, and faith, … Continued

Source: Being Prophetic Without Being a Self-Righteous Know-It-All – Missio Alliance

I saw this article from Missio Alliance yesterday. Being prophetic without being a know-it-all is exactly what I’m trying to do, so I checked out the article.

The main point are:

  • Do the biblical exegesis.
  • Do the cultural exegesis.
  • Do the soul work.
  • Learn to live with ambiguity.

These are exactly my skill set and exactly what I do on a day-by-day basis. I find that most people are troubled by ambiguity. They want solid answers and often those answers are not available.

The best thing to do is to read your Bible and be patient.