The time for Christian apologetics is past. The apologetics elves have either sailed out of Middle Earth or they missed the boat.

Once upon a time, Josh McDowell dined out on stuff like that. Evidence that Demands a Verdict, More Evidence that Demands a Verdict, Even More …, etc. Then came Lee Strobel. The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, The Case for a Creator, etc.

You were supposed to read those books so you could convince people who didn’t believe to believe on the basis of your logical prowess gained by careful attention to the arguments presented by McDowell and Strobel. Probably few ever did that. But they had good intentions.

Anyway, that won’t work anymore.

  • No one cares about logic anymore. All they care about is feelings.
  • Discussions always turn into arguments anyway.
  • We have more important things to do.

Rather than convincing people to believe, let’s get on with our mission. Love God and love people. Maybe they will get it.