I give my highest endorsement to:

Vanhoozer, Kevin J. Is There a Meaning in This Text?: The Bible, the Reader, and the Morality of Literary Knowledge. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1998.


You’ll notice that this is not a new book. No matter.

I’m just finishing the book and I’m finding it to be:

  • an understandable exposition of epistemology as it relates to interpreting what we read
  • a practical portrayal of critical realism, something I’ve been looking for since I read NT Wright’s first big book
  • a devastating (yet kind) deconstruction of deconstruction, that is, the kind of reading that ends up with subjective meaning and plural meaning
  • a cogent demonstration that fundamentalist interpretation is also deconstructive in many ways

Highly recommended if you are up to the task of a heavy read.