You and I can both read the Bible. Let’s say we are reading a particular passage and discussing it.

Undoubtedly there will be some points at which we agree about what the author meant when he (no sexism intended, just stating reality) wrote the passage we are reading.

And undoubtedly there will be some points at which we disagree. I’ve never known two thinking Christians to agree about everything.

So there are three possible states: I might be wrong. You might be wrong. We both might be wrong.

There is one impossible state: We both might be right. That cannot happen. We might both be close, but if we disagree we cannot both be right.

Now for the most important part. The fact that we disagree should not separate us. It should not be cause for stopping the discussion. In fact, it should be the impetus for more discussion.

When we break koinonia (with-ness, mutuality, commonality) over disagreements like our hypothetical one under discussion here, we violate the basic tenets of following Jesus.

If we aren’t going to be humble enough to admit that we might be wrong, we may as well stop reading the Bible altogether.