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McKnight on the ESV

First problem is that in this final revision they have sneaked in a translation that is not only mistaken but potentially dangerously wrong. It is too bad they chose to do this just before the “Permanent Text” announcement. This sort of move, had it been done 3 revisions ago, could have been assessed publicly over time. Instead, it suddenly becomes Permanent. It is profoundly unwise for a translation to alter this kind of text to this kind of reading without public discussion of it, and then to pronounce it Permanent.

Source: The New Stealth Translation: ESV

You should read the whole article. Scot McKnight is one of my go-to biblical scholars and is widely trusted in the evangelical world.

Jewish Identity

  • More than three-quarters of our Christian Scriptures are the Scriptures of Israel, the Hebrew Bible and the Greek translations of the Hebrew Bible.
  • The God Christians worship is the God of Israel.
  • Our savior, Jesus, is the Messiah long expected by Jewish prophets.
  • All the apostles, on whom we rely for transmission of our faith, were Jewish.
  • Until the second century, the church was essentially a Jewish sect.

It’s ok to think of yourself as Jewish if you are a Christian.

Avoid the ESV

The translators of the English Standard Version (ESV) have recently locked in their final changes of all time with a strong, strong commitment to complementarianism. (Isn\’t it strange what hills people choose to defend?)

Here is one example:

…And thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee (Gen 3:16 KJV) The publishers of the ESV recently announced that they have changed their translation of Genesis 3:16 to this:…Your desire shall be contrary to your husband, but he shall rule over you.

Source: Genesis 3:16 | My Only Comfort

Unless you are a neoreformed neanderthal, just avoid using the ESV. Why support such nonsense? There are other good to great translations. Just use your NIV or NRSV or something.

Old People Like Me

Old people like me are largely responsible for the demise of the local church. We are not flexible. We want things our way, just like they always have been since we were kids.

We don\’t make young couples feel welcome in \”our\” church. We make them feel like they need their own church within the church and so we make our own church within the church.

Jesus loses in that deal.


Some people aren’t satisfied with the Old Time Religion. They want something of the New Age in their Christianity. To make it more exciting.

Some will go the way of a Joel Osteen and add on a motivational component. Motivational speakers make a lot of money for a reason — people need to be motivated. Business, and especially sales and marketing, seems to run on that fuel. When the church is about consumerism, that is also our fuel and a John Maxwell is there to step in and help.

Some will go the way of hyperliteralism. They will act as if the Bible is something it never has been and will drill in deeper and deeper until there is no escape from their fundamentalism. Anyone who does not accompany them is seen as less spiritual and probably not saved.

Some will take the path of social media spirituality. Their religion consists of bits and byte and bumperstickers. Positive, encouraging. Where never is heard a discouraging word. Norman Vincent Peale updated for the internet. Forward this if you agree.

Some will get into angels and crystals and miracle healings and other syncretistic stuff.

I just read a chapter (the inspiration for this post) in Jimmy Dunn’s Neither Jew nor Greek wherein he describes the difference in approach between the Gospel according to John and the Gospel according to Thomas. Essentially, John takes the synoptic tradition and focuses on certain aspects and develops conversations and monologs around them, while Thomas starts with the synoptic tradition and adds on further types of spirituality to satisfy the Hellenistic and Jewish mind in search of something new and deeper.

So, the search for supposedly deeper and more meaningful modes of spirituality is nothing new. Give me the Old Time Religion.