I\’ve been spending a lot of my time in the Hebrew Bible lately, what we usually call the Old Testament. I\’m not sure why I\’ve neglected this collection. I have fallen into the trap of concentrating on the New Testament only. I don\’t remember ever leading a Bible study on an OT book, unless maybe a few of the Psalms. I feel ashamed about that.

I\’m not sure if I\’ll ever be able to lead a Bible study again with my health issues, but I can certainly rectify it in personal study. I\’ve started at the beginning — I\’m reading Genesis in detail. That study is going to take awhile.

If you have essentially become a functional Marcionite — that is if you usually only pay attention to Paul\’s letters and a bit of the gospels — join me in getting involved in the Hebrew Bible. It\’s a treasure trove.

If anyone is interested, maybe we can set up some projects for interaction.