Yesterday Geoff Holsclaw unearthed something like a founding document of the so-called Gospel Coalition.

Originally called “The Pastors’ Colloquium,” this ministry began as a group of just under 50 pastors, invited by co-chairs Tim Keller and Don Carson to consider together whether it is possible, in the US, to re-capture the “center” of confessional evangelicalism.

Source: Gospel Coalition | Henry Center | Henry Center

Well, la dee dah.

The neo-reformed Piper Cubs are as far from the evangelical center as the Jehovah\’s Witnesses. Only a group this arrogant would presume to represent Christians they don\’t represent. I\’d rather be represented by Creflow Dollar.

TGC has a habit of banning anyone who disagrees with them. They are, thus, a total echo chamber and probably don\’t realize how weird they are.

My recommendation: avoid anything connected with TGC, just to be safe.